The USA Slalom Series rankings combine each skater’s best 3 scores from all the events in the series.

The ranking works very much like the World Slalom Series rankings, and is based on the national ranking systems used by other countries. Points are accumulated over any 12 month period, with a riders top 3 points scoring competitions giving their overall score.

2014 is the fifth year of the USA Slalom Series, so the ranking consists of roll over points from the previous 12 months of competitions. As each competition happens, the new points replace those from the previous year’s competition in that city.

At the end of the 2014 season, the winner of the series will be crowned as the new USA Freestyle Champion.

The full information about how points are awarded can be found here: USASS rules.

Competition Results are on the events page.

August 2014 Rankings

August 2014 Men’s Battle
August 2014 Men’s Classic
August 2014 Men’s Speed
August 2014 Women’s Battle
August 2014 Women’s Classic

July 2014 Rankings

July 2014 Men’s Battle
July 2014 Men’s Classic
July 2014 Men’s Speed
July 2014 Women’s Battle
July 2014 Women’s Classic

June 2014 Rankings

June 2014 Men’s Battle
June 2014 Men’s Classic
June 2014 Men’s Speed
June 2014 Women’s Battle
June 2014 Women’s Classic

May 2014 Rankings

May 2014 Men’s Battle
May 2014 Men’s Classic
May 2014 Men’s Speed
May 2014 Women’s Battle
May 2014 Women’s Classic